Claire Delmar

We have long been obsessed with stylist Claire Delmar’s blog The Palate Project – so when the table top became such a focal point for our Carnival collection, we couldn’t wait to work with her for our campaign shoot.  Read all about Claire’s inspiration and process right here.

1. How did you come up with the concept for the Carnival shoot?

When given the opportunity to devise a campaign, the part I enjoy most is dreaming up the creative concepts. I try and tell a story for the brand, always focusing on the product as a starter. It is a similar process to what I imagine a writer does, but I tell my story through images. I spend time researching the brand, their ethos and thoroughly dissecting the range and what it represents. The word “Carnival” suggested colour to me and it was one of my main inspirations behind the styling for the Carnival campaign. Arent&Pyke worked their magic with their colour choice for the range, so I played on this concept by painting all the props in those colours, as well as taking my cue from the Arent&Pyke designed location where we shot the story. I feel it was a great vehicle to really highlight the beauty of the textile products.


2. How did you find working with the Kate & Kate products?

I really admire Kate & Kate, as not only do they produce gorgeous accessories for the home, but they really focus on quality and longevity, which is something I personally look for when purchasing for clients or for my home. I also loved the wonderful personalities of both Sydney Kate and Melbourne Kate and really feel their unique “down to earth honesty” shows through in the product.


3. What’s your tip for styling a fabulous tabletop?

When styling a tabletop, I always consider colour, quantity, balance and scale. It really comes back to the main principles of design. Scale of product and working with different quantities is what creates interest and balance is what makes it seamless to the eye – effortless style. Also having been a stylist for 15 years, you learn to differentiate between what works and what doesn’t.


4. Stylists are always on the go – you are a dynamo!  We were exhausted watching you on shoot day.  Do you get all the exercise you need on set?

Working as a stylist definitely is very physically demanding, as well as having two small children to chase after! I love to walk and do pilates. I use that “me” time to meditate and I often find ideas come to me during that peaceful interlude. I’ve had a back injury that sadly comes with being a stylist, from all the lifting and packing and unpacking, so I have to be very careful and you will often see me wearing an ever so glamorous back brace whilst on jobs to try and reduce the pain.


4. What are your top picks from the Carnival collection and why?

I can’t go past the tabletop product and will have to shoot a story for my blog “The Palate Project.”  The Festive Twist Tablecloth in black and white is classic and very chic. I’m a monochromatic girl, so this one is my favourite and I love good quality linen. I’m also in love with the olive green Joey leather cushion. I’m constantly introducing different textures in my home and I am currently obsessed with all shades of olive and mustard and the leather is beautiful and soft.

Photo Credits:
Claire Delmar Headshot by Amanda Prior

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